Thursday, June 12, 2008


SummerHoliday = True;
if(SummerHoliday) System.out.println("Yay");

A friend of mine(my teacher, heh) got me interested in Ubuntu and I must admit it's rather god(intention++; spelling--;) compared to windows. I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my current computer so I will have dual boot(XP/Ubuntu). So far it's all working except the start-up takes 5min., that's the thing I'm working on right now of course.

Ubuntu is a great operating system if you enjoy do-it-yourself guides and want to know whats going on behind the scenes. It has shiny, quick, great, beautiful, work-enhancing, graphics which you can turn off if you have a different opinion. It's very clean since everything can be installed by packages from one place. No need to buy a CD or search the web for a cracked version, everything is completely free. (rambles on about how secure it is...) *dreams on*

After installing Eclipse and if needed JDK/JRE (Java Development Kit/Java Runtime Environment) I'll be back to my 3D engine. I thought about a simple implementation of colored triangles and field of vision fog.

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