Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

There are only two days left of the Christmas Holiday for me and unfortunately I still need to do some school work. This means that I probably won't have a free day for working on my MMORPG for a long time, hopefully I can get a free day next weekend but no promises. This time of the year is the time I hate most since I have exams and projects due soon after returning to school.

I calculated that I have about an hour of free time on a typical school day if I don't go to bed too late (little sleep = me be grumpy and dumb). I'm not sure what I'm going to do in that hour yet, maybe work on some small project or improve my website or something similar. I've always been interested in psychology and I'm currently reading an introduction (600 pages!), maybe I'll delve deeper into neuroscience (sounds interesting). Or maybe I'll just play Shogi (Japanese chess), I learned it in just half a day so there's probably room for improvement (learning some strategies etc.). I'll probably find something to do, lets just hope it's productive =).

side note: This reminds me, I wanted to make a list of a 100 negative words because my English teacher said I should learn new vocabulary and this was the first thing which came to my mind (go figure).

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