Friday, June 12, 2009

Exams Ended & Got tons to Do !

Those terrible terrible worthless ugly exams are over!
I have two months of free time now! YAY!
Jealous Much?

Here's all the fun stuff I'm planning to do:

(I'll strike them out as I finish them)

- Get my Site up to Date
-- Update Articles
-- Update Software Section
-- Maybe add a Login Section
-- Add Comment Section
-- Add a ToDo list
-- Finish of the CSS
- Create a New Blogger Style
-- Similar to Style of my Site
- Install SSH on an OLD laptop
-- Wipe HardDrive
-- Somehow get a Command Line Running
-- Note: Windows and X Window Server don't work
- Help a Friend finish
- Read a Book on the Linux Kernel
-- 19 / 19 Chapters Left to Read

Those are the things which I'm going to finish first. After that, I'm going to start on the more heavy stuff =D

The ToDo list has moved to my sites ToDo section.


C said...

I got the file, but i have no time today, will try it out next monday.
Thank you for your help.

ZirconCode said...

Welcome and Have Fun =D

C said...

I tries it but i have a problem.
it only shows 1 title and nothing else.
what did you put in the code???

ZirconCode said...

I edited your code to the exact same one I have. It worked when:

but when I tried it with your feed:

nothing showed up.

There must be something wrong with your feed.

One difference I could see in the source code between:

Was that mine had this as a style sheet:
And yours had this as a style sheet:

This shows that your feed is an atom feed while mine is an rss feed. The code I gave you only works for rss feeds. I think you can change your feed type in feedburner settings.

Good Luck!

C said...

Thanks, I'll just change it and see what happens

C said...

You were right, i had to change my feed to RSS by adding ?alt=rss at the end. now it works, but still looks ugly.

ZirconCode said...

You Welcome!

You can use CSS to make the feed look better.

A post:
The Title: span.headline
The Date:

background: #00ff00;
color: #ff00ff;