Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Success Button

Success sometimes portrays itself as something lucky, far away, as something uncertain. The truth of this portrayal may be debated on, but fact is that this way of thinking only discourages attempts of even attaining success. If no attempts are made, then success is unreachable.

This has been a personal problem of mine some years ago, manifesting itself subconsciously, and resulting often in gaming and procrastination. Games are a promise of success. It is promised, that if you invest time and effort, you will succeed. This is what makes them so appealing to certain groups. Procrastination emerges from the fear of failure. Why invest time in something great, yet uncertain? Why not opt for immediate "happiness"? These questions are what guide the mind, what indirectly nag at motivation. Such reasoning is often hidden away and covered up, difficult to see and understand.

I have found a solution to my problem, and I wish to share it in this text. I hope it helps others with similar mindsets, at least in guidance.

Imagine a big red button. Every-time this button is pressed, there is a small chance of success. It starts out as a minuscule spark. Pressing the button initially, will often result in nothing. This is discouraging, the button after all, is a waste of time. With every push, however, the chance of success rises, with every attempt, something is learned. This is the fundamental truth of success; every attempt increases the chance of attaining it. Every failure is a step towards success. It is evidence that you are human, and of nothing else.

From this perspective, does it not seem ridiculous to avoid pressing this button?

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