Monday, November 17, 2008

Fighting Boredom

I'm not getting anything done lately since I'm very bored. I'm not so sure yet why I feel like doing nothing all day lately but I'm sure it's a severe case of boredom. I don't think it's laziness since I don't feel like doing fun stuff either, things like programming or writing random stuff are normally things I like to do but lately I just don't feel like doing them. I think I got bored by these things because they don't provide a challenge any more. Of course programming takes a lot of time and is something hard to do but I have the blueprints of how I'm going to do everything I want to do in my mind and there are no obstacles standing in my way. Except time of course, but that's not really an obstacle since I have more than enough of it. I hope I'll get over this total lack of enthusiasm soon.

Since I'm not going to get anything done due to boredom I've decided to make a list which I have to follow. Excuses about boredom are not accepted.

- Make website Internet Explorer Capable
- Finish of Website Layout
- Create Help Files for my Website
- Add my E-Mail address and the likes under "Contact"
- Add one Game under "Games"
- Finish of Current Content
- Think of more ways to use up time:
- Maybe get Traffic?
- Put on more games?
- Create an Article Section?

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