Monday, November 3, 2008

Finally Website!

I have finally gotten a website:
This Blog will be integrated into that site but will still be available under:

I'm currently just trying to get this site to work. For best results view it in Firefox (3 or above?). I'll get this site to look good for funnier browsers like IE too but that has to wait until I got everything set up.

The Site currently has the following categories:
Home = A Welcome Message + News Blog (this one)
Applications & Games = Anything Java for Computer Illiterate (it's also longer)
Help! = ...
Contact = a non-private e-mail and maybe comments?

I may be adding a forum later once I get more than about 350 hits a year =).
Also I'm not quite sure if I should add an "Articles" section (with polished blogposts, ex. Triangle Interpolation) but it would probably boost my hit counter.

On a more Boring note (location,location,location...):
Let me explain in a monotonous voice how I stumbled on the name ZirconCode because I know that you are just burning to know =/.
Well first I thought something with "Source" or "Code" or similar would be nice. Then I thought that maybe I could add some colour prefix like "red" or "blue" but for various reasons it didn't sound so good... (really, trust me)
Then I thought instead of colours I could add a precious metal like "diamond" or "ruby" or "gold" or "titanium" or...
Well I somehow ended up at ZirconCode and as it was the first name I came up with which wasn't taken I took it =).

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