Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm currently working on...

Im currently working on a 3d (software-rendering) engine. I think it started by me fooloshly thinking that it would be something easy and fun to do. Well I still think its fun and very interesting but not easy.

It's still very simple, heres a list of things it does:
- load 3d models from simple triangle lists
- rotate models in any direction
- translate models...
- fill in triangles
- draw wireframe...
- shade triangles with normal shading (only grey scale)
- has object and world coordinates
- uses z-sorting

The rendering process goes something like this:
- get object
- add world coordinates to object
- add camera coordinates to object
- 3d -> 2d coordinates
- draw object, sort triangles with z-buffering and shade with triangle normals

Ill try to post pictures or even an applet tomorrow.

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