Sunday, May 4, 2008

My very First Post


I've finally decided to get a blog. I'm new to this thing so if I'm doing anything wrong (which I'm certain of) please leave a constructive comment to help me out.

I've been programming for about two to three years now. I first started out with Delphi, an object oriented programming language coming from pascal which is relatively old now. It's really easy, you just drag components onto a form and double click onto them to add source code. It was kind of a shock to me that you couldn't do that with java when I finally switched over to it two years late. I got over my shock quickly and have learned to love java. My current development environment is Eclipse and I mostly make applets since they are easy to share over the net.

If anyone DOES read this please comment. I will be very happy.

p.s. I'll be working on this template a lot so don't expect this site to stay like this
p.s.2 I'll try to post a lot (you've probably heard that often by now)


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Anonymous said...

Does this make you happy?