Sunday, May 11, 2008

Triangle Interpolation

Triangle interpolation can be used for a lot of things like nice shading, color interpolation and of course, z-buffering. The way i did it (probably the quickest way) was like this:

First you interpolate to find the two edges of the line you're drawing right now:

So if you would be drawing the grey line, you would have to find the numbers 1 and 10 by interpolating the end points of the two red lines; 1-1 and 1-20.

Next you interpolate between these two points to find any pixels depth/color/shading:

Now just repeat this process for every line of your triangle and you will have a nicely shaded/colored triangle. Remember to switch to you second pair of lines once you have passed about half of your triangle:

My implementation of z-buffering is buggy (triangles are drawn smaller/bigger than necessary) so I cant show you guys the applet yet but i hope it will be fixed in two or three days.

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