Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Break

I have just entered Christmas break!

I have given up on the Hardest Logic Puzzle on Earth for now. My friend has told me that the answer can be found at Wikipedia so if you are curious take a look. I myself won't look until I think I found the correct answer, I'll keep trying every few weeks to see how much my brain has grown.

As I stated above Christmas break has just begin for me and I know have exactly 20 days of free time on my hands. Maybe take away one or two days for Christmas and after. I'm currently trying to think of a big project to start and finish during these days but I haven't thought of anything fun and exciting yet.

I have optimised the website layout further and my "Games and Applications" section is starting to take shape. It's still pretty bland but I have already uploaded my very first Java game. As you may have guessed, it's a Pong game. It's not the best game but it's certainly fun to play for 5 minutes or so (I hope). The sound magically vanished when I uploaded and I'm trying to fix it.

Have a Nice Christmas Break!

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