Sunday, December 28, 2008


Day 7 improved the look of the MMORPG a lot. Here's how the MMORPG looked after day 7:

It was very easy to add colour to the height field I had already created. I simply created a text file similar to the height field file and put colours inside instead of heights. The colours where given as rgb (red green blue) as that was the only option I would even consider. There was one simple problem I had to face:

The height field had a number for each Vertex (those red dots) so the colour file had stored a colour for each vertex too. I could probably have Interpolated Colours between the vertices to create the gradient colours inside the squares but that would have slowed down the Applet a lot so I simply assigned the colour of a squares bottom-right vertex to the entire square. This way the first row of vertices from the left and top simply got ignored but if I ever change my mind to interpolating colours I won't have to change any files.

I plan to approach the adding of objects on top of the tiles the same way. I'll simply create another file for the same map and store objects numbers instead of Colours or heights. I hope it works. I'll see if it works tomorrow (hopefully).

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