Monday, February 9, 2009

Autorun.inf Dissarmer

So the other day my friend figured out a way to put a program I made (it shakes the mouse, maybe going to upload it some other time) onto his USB and do something as close to autorun as possible. Since there is no such thing as autorun for USB, he used the action attribute in the autorun.inf file.

Autorun.inf (in USB root):
action=Run Mouse Shaker

This way when after he had inserted the memory stick, he would just have to press enter when the autoplay menu popped up. He was pretty successful at it and it kind of got on my nerves to have my mouse shaking all over the place.

Since I was in a restricted environment (school) and I couldn't access any files without any "bad" activities I had to create my own little solution. My solution:

This little Program memorizes all the drives when it is initialized. These drives are listed under "Original". Every Millisecond it updates the drives, the current drives can be found under "Current" and "Info". If the program finds a new Drive it deletes the autorun.inf file on it if one is found. The Progress bar then goes to 100% and everyone worth talking about is happy =D

I'm going to improve this program once I have more time. I'm thinking of a System Tray icon and some more options. I also really need to find a better way to get feedback on my programs than Blogger. I'm thinking of something like a five star rating system on my website for all my apps. This way I can see which ones are worth the time improving.

The program should work on Windows XP/Vista/98/95. It was only tested on Xp however. On a rare streak of luck it also works on Ubuntu with Wine if some Linux geeks are out there =D

(Download Here)

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maizzy said...

mouse shaking fun! lol... Cool program good luck on twicking it! I wish I could help u but I know nearly sealchies about programing...