Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beeper 2.0

Here's a program that I wrote a while ago. It utilises the hardware "speaker" to produce beeps. It's original purpose was to annoy the people in my library by creating obnoxious sounds. Since there weren't any speakers in the library I figured I might use the speaker embeded in the motherboard. Unfortunately the speaker can only produce monotonous beeps but with this program they become enough to annoy anyone =)

The program can create random or customised beeps. If that's to boring for you, it can also play a custom sequence of beeps. There are two example songs/sequences and a readme explaining how to create sequences.

Download: Beeper 2.0
System: Windows XP (tested on), Windows Vista & 98 & 95 (should work)
Having a Problem or Suggestion? : Contact

Have fun annoying people in Style =D

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