Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogging Schedule

I have noticed that my blog is causing me some stress and time loss. The problem is that I feel like I need to post something as soon as possible so that I won't disappoint you people reading my blog. What makes this problem a real problem is that I have other things to do besides blogging. I need to go to school for example.

Well the solution I came up with isn't really great for you readers, but it's great for me. From now on I'm going to post once every week, either on Saturday or Sunday. This doesn't apply to holidays of course. This way, I can't disappoint anybody since they don't expect me to write anything during the week. The positive point for you readers is that my posts will be of a much higher quality than my previous posts, so don't be too sad.

I'm mostly writing this because I have lost 10 RSS subscribers since my last post and I really don't want to lose any more. Please think of my blog as something you read weekly, not daily.

If this post makes you sad, comment.
If it's fine with you, comment and tell me so =D

I would also like to thank the Holy Chris Pirillo and Zaibatsu and all the other people for sending 1191 views to my previous post =D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great idea!
Looking forward to your next post.

Have a great week (at school :-)Arghhhh)