Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Effect of Twitter on my Site Traffic

When I looked at my Google Analytics I saw this:

My Traffic went up a lot =D
So what could have caused that? Well the only cause I could think of was the fact that I have been actively using my Twitter account so I took a look at my Twitter Counter Stats:

As you probably can see if you don't have any perception problems I gained a lot of twitter followers in the last month. I took both graphs and combined them:

Of course the the above graph is very deceiving as the ratios are all wrong, the graph is just to proof the fact that my Site Traffic went up as my Twitter Followers went up. Look at the red line (the average) to see it clearly.

I was interested in how many Twitter Followers actually clicked through to my site so I did some calculations:

Twitter Followers (last month): 400+
Unique Visitors on Site (last month): 50+
400/50 = 8

So every eighth follower of mine went and visited my site =D

Please take notice that I didn't link to my site even once in any of my twitter updates, I linked to my blog instead. I'm sure the traffic would increase even more if I linked to my site instead of my blog but for now my Site doesn't have a commenting system so that wouldn't be so good.

Also take notice of the fact that these are only my first 400 followers and that I picked most of them and they just followed back. If a follower would follow me without me having to follow him first I'm sure the chances that he will visit my site increase immensely.

So what do we learn from this?
Well I myself learned that Twitter is a great way to jump start your site and get people interested in it. I really wouldn't have thought that I could get 400 followers in 1 month and that any of my followers would even care about me.

It's amazing how effective Twitter is, use It =D


maizzy said...

Oh my gosh, reading ur post was very interesting. I can't believe that u got 400 in a month... I'm totally picky with my twitter n only allow peeps who know me. I guess that's why I like twitter. I can keep up with peeps from around the world that I know... Love it. A must have accessory. Wow, I'm totally happy for you! Congrats!

Java Squirrel said...

Thanks =D